2015 CSU-AAUP Elections Underway

If you are a voting member of CSU-AAUP, you are eligible to vote in the CSU-AAUP Officer election. The CSU-AAUP election will begin on Monday, March 30 at 6:00am and end on Friday, April 10 at noon. Voting will be conducted via Votenet web-based voting software. The offices of CSU-AAUP President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are open for election. You must be a CSU-AAUP member in order to vote. All non-members were sent a letter and given an opportunity to change their membership status before the close of voter registration on Monday, March 2nd.

To vote, members should:

You can call the AAUP office to obtain the number.

We strongly encourage all members to vote. If you have any questions or problems logging in, please contact your local Chapter AAUP Office or the CSU-AAUP office at (860) 832-3790.

2013 CSU-AAUP Officer Election Results

Please find a spreadsheet detailing the results of the CSU-AAUP Officer Election. Congratulations to the candidates who were elected and thank you to all for your willingness to serve your colleagues as an elected officer of the CSU-AAUP. For those elected, the term of office begins on June 1 and is for two years. There were 369 ballots cast (16.23% of eligible voters). The following candidates have been elected:

President – Vijay Nair

Vice President – Elena Tapia

Secretary – Rebecca Wood

Treasurer – Harlan Shakun


On behalf of the CCSU-AAUP Nominating Committee

Paul Petterson, Chr., Kevin Buterbaugh, Kristin Jacobi, Russell Gladstone

Results of the CSU-AAUP/BOT Contract Modification Agreement (2011) is as follows:

Approve – 1,054 (90%)
Disapprove – 114 (10%)
Over 33% of the membership voted.
CSU-AAUP Officer Election (2011): There were 273 ballots cast. The following candidates have been elected:President – Vijay Nair (97%)Vice President –Elena Tapia (98%)Secretary – Rebecca Wood (51%)Treasurer – Harlan Shakun (99%)

Results of the 2009 CSU-AAUP Officer Election

Results of the 2007-2011 CSU-AAUP/BOT Contract Modification Agreement Ratification

AAUP/SUOAF-AFSCME Representative to the Standing Advisory Committee to the Board of Governors of Higher Education, 2009

Below, please find the detailed results of the AAUP/SUOAF Standing Advisory Committee to the Board of Governors for Higher Education Representative Election. Congratulations to Sharon Braverman, CCSU (SUOAF) School of Business who was elected as the Representative with 109 of the 195 votes cast and thank you to Julian Madison, SCSU (AAUP) History Department, who received 84 votes. Thank you to both candidates for their willingness to serve their colleagues in this important capacity.

Standing Advisory Committee to the Board of Governors for Higher Education Representative Election

(195 votes cast in total)

Sharon Braverman, CCSU (SUOAF): 55.90% – (109 votes)

– Julian Madison, SCSU (AAUP): 43.08% – (84 votes)

– Write-in Guy Crundwell CCSU (AAUP): 1 vote

– Write-in David Stoloff, ECSU (AAUP): 1 vote

On behalf of the Faculty Elections Commission

Arlene Bielefield, Fred Bonvicini, David Walsh

Standing Advisory Committee Representative to the Board of Governors of Higher Education Election, 2008

Elections for the Representative and Alternate to the Standing Advisory Committee of the Board of Governors took place between April 30 at 6:00am and Friday, May 11 at 12:00 noon. The Standing Advisory Committee to the Board of Governors is a 22-member group of trustees, administrators, faculty members and students charged by state statute to meet at least twice annually with the Board to discuss a mutually agreed upon agenda (http://www.ctdhe.org/BOG/dheStanding.htm).

CSU-AAUP and SUOAF-AFSCME share this position. All AAUP and SUOAF-AFSCME bargaining unit members were eligible to vote.

Congratulations to Candace Barrington who was re-elected as the Representative with 116 of the 236 votes cast and to Sharon Braverman who was re-elected as Alternate Representative with 77 votes. Thank you to all of the candidates for your willingness to serve your colleagues in this important capacity.

Standing Advisory Committee to the Board of Governors for Higher Education Representative Election

(236 votes cast in total)

– Candace Barrington, CCSU (AAUP): 49.15% – (116 votes)

– Sharon Braverman, CCSU (SUOAF): 32.63% – (77 votes)

– Patricia Zibluk, SCSU (SUOAF): 18.22% – (43 votes)

– Write-in: 0 votes

CSU-AAUP Officer Elections, 2007

Voting for CSU-AAUP Officers closed on Friday, April 13 at noon. David Walsh (SCSU), Arlene Bielefield (SCSU), Marty Levin (ECSU), and Harlan Shakun were re-elected as President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer respectively. The results are listed in the table below.

CSU-AAUP Officer Election Ballot
(Total 167 responses)
David Walsh, SCSU 100.00% – (167 votes)
Vice President
(Total 163 responses)
Arlene Bielefield, SCSU 100.00% – (163 votes)
(Total 163 responses)
Marty Levin, ECSU 100.00% – (163 votes)
(Total 182 responses)
Harlan Shakun, CCSU 58.79% – (107 votes)
Richard Silkoff, ECSU 41.21% – (75 votes)
Report generated April 13, 2007 3:11 PM Eastern time

There was a slight increase in voter participation from the last CSU-AAUP Officer Election. We have received mostly positive comments about the switch to online voting and some respondents indicated that they voted for the first time. There were concerns about the difficulty in locating state employee ID numbers and future Elections/Nominating Commit tees will take all comments into consideration when planning the next election in 2009.