HARTFORD – Governor Malloy announced today his administration will begin notifying union leaders of contingency plans for layoffs. The governor said this action is being done now because of requirements in various collective bargaining agreements.

More public service layoffs would only make things worse for Connecticut.

While SEBAC leaders continue to explore ways to help meet the state’s fiscal challenges, over the last eight years state employees have given back more than $1 billion annually through their 2009 and 2011 concession agreements. And all while the state workforce is the smallest it’s been since 1960.  Further layoffs and cuts to services threaten public health and safety, our children’s education, and our state’s future.

Contrary to the wailing of wealthy and corporate special interests, we need a balanced, fair-minded approach to generating revenue that will keep our communities vibrant by protecting the public services and structures that are critical to our economic health.

Here’s what you can do to help:

Click here to contact your legislators and tell them to stand up for public higher education and Connecticut’s working and middle class families.

Tell them about the new study done by our own CCSU economists and the Center for Public Policy and Social Research that shows Connecticut not only has the lowest Total Effective Business Tax Rate (TEBTR) in the region, including New York and New Jersey, but also in the United States. Connecticut also has the lowest business taxes per private sector worker in the region, and the lowest business taxes as a share of state and local taxes in the United States.

Connecticut does not exist in isolation. In neighboring states, New York is implementing free public college tuition for middle-class residents and will raise the minimum wage to $15 over the next few years. Massachusetts, which has invested heavily in education, successfully wooed General Electric away from Connecticut last year despite their higher taxes.

A budget that works for everyone is possible!