FROM: Elena Tapia, CSU-AAUP President
TO: CSU-AAUP Members
DATE: 3/1/16
SUBJ: Tell Legislators: Respect Collective Bargaining

Dear CSU-AAUP Member:

Members of the legislature’s Appropriations Committee last week criticized the contract recently ratified by union members in the UConn Professional Employees Association (UCPEA) during a public hearing. While the majority of of House members on the panel voted in favor of the agreement, Senate members deadlocked, meaning that it failed to receive full approval.

Governor Malloy has since criticized the contract, specifically indicating it will have implications for all state employee union agreements not yet finalized. Worse, he has urged legislative leaders call the UCPEA contract for floor votes in both chambers, breaking with nearly 20 years of past practice.

Click here to send a brief email to your legislators urging they support collective bargaining and honor a mutually agreed upon agreement.

Rejecting a negotiated settlement would send the message to all union members that the General Assembly does not honor collective bargaining – a sacred tenet of our labor movement.

Now is the time to urge lawmakers to respect the collaboration that produced this contract.

Click here to tell your House Representative and State Senator to support the agreement between UConn administration and its professional employees.

More to come, and in solidarity,
Elena Tapia
President, CSU-AAUP

P.S. Click here for press coverage of the implications of the UCPEA contract on the wider fight for a fair state budget.