Statement From CSU-AAUP President Elena Tapia On The NEASC Response To Community College Consolidation

CSU-AAUP is relieved to read NEASC’s response to the Board of Regents’ consolidation plan that would have created one of the country’s largest community colleges. CSU-AAUP, along with our colleagues in the 4Cs and SUOAF, have maintained that this massive consolidation was ill-researched and underestimated in scope.

For months, CSU-AAUP has advocated for a more measured, thoughtful and researched-based approach to find creative solutions. Indeed, our students would be best served by a process involving genuine shared governance and consultation with the people who have on-the-ground experience and first-hand knowledge of colleges and universities – the faculty, staff, and students.

Rather than talk of closures and consolidations, it would behoove the Board of Regents to find the political will to push for greater investment in public higher education. Rather than orchestrating more cuts, the Board of Regents should work to create a plan that truly utilizes the skills, insights and knowledge of the faculty, staff, and students – who make up the heart and soul of Connecticut public higher education – in a way that allows the diversity and scope of all campuses to thrive.

NEASC’s response validates the concerns that CSU-AAUP has had since this plan was revealed just over a year ago: that students, rather than being first, would risk coming in dead last.

Elena Tapia

CSU-AAUP Presdent