Statement From CSU-AAUP President Elena Tapia On Proposed Free2Start And Free2Finish Program

“CSU-AAUP applauds efforts unveiled today by the state legislature’s Higher Education Committee Chairs Sen. Beth Bye and Rep. Gregg Haddad that would help make public higher education more affordable and accessible for residents of Connecticut. This bill, HB 5371 An Act Establishing The Free 2 Start Scholarship Program And The Free 2 Finish Scholarship Program, is a step in the right direction to creating a public higher education system that is accessible to all residents of Connecticut.

“If legislators fail to invest in public higher education, Connecticut risks being left behind. Just look to neighboring states that are creating debt-free paths to achieving higher education degrees.

“CSU-AAUP, long champions of quality, affordable and accessible public higher education, is encouraged to see these legislators show the political courage to introduce a bill that can have such an enormously positive effect on so many lives.

“As this bill makes its way through the legislature, CSU-AAUP will be watching to make sure it does indeed create a true path to free public higher education for all Connecticut residents. If lawmakers can do that, they will be developing a Connecticut where all residents will not merely survive but, instead, will thrive together. And that is truly forward-thinking.”

Elena Tapia

CSU-AAUP President