Agreement Will Save The State of Connecticut $24 billion In Coming Years

HARTFORD – State Employees gathered in Hartford at the CSEA Union Hall Tuesday, July 18, 2017, to announce that union members have voted to affirm the concession agreement between State employees and the Malloy administration. The SEBAC Agreement garnered an 83 percent popular vote in favor among coalition unions. This translates to a 100 percent per capita vote to accept the cost-savings agreement. Independent analyses by the actuarial firms Cavanaugh McDonald and Segal Consulting affirm that this agreement will save the State of Connecticut $24 billion dollars over the next 20 years. 

This agreement shows that collective bargaining works and that ensuring working families continue to have a voice in the workplace is in the best interest of Connecticut,” CSU-AAUP President Elena Tapia said. “State employees, once again, have sacrificed to help protect the services and programs – like quality public higher education – that our state needs to thrive.”

“While State Employees are not the cause of the revenue shortfall driving Connecticut’s budget deficit, we have agreed to step up and help solve it,” said state education consultant, Agnes Quinones.   “We felt it was a necessary sacrifice to protect the important services that we dedicate our lives to.  This is a sacrifice being made predominantly by middle-class families, and it is a sacrifice that to-date has not been asked of, nor offered by the wealthy or corporations in this state.  There are those who have criticized this plan as not being harmful enough to the state workers.  What those critics fail to understand is that the best agreements are not measured by how much pain they cause but by how much good they do, and this agreement gets our state’s financial situation to a much better place than we would be in otherwise.”

Now it’s time for the General Assembly to do its work, approve this agreement, and pass a budget that protects the important public services working families have sacrificed to protect.

The State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) serves to unite all 15 unions representing approximately 40,000 Connecticut State public service workers together to address issues of common concern.