State workers help protect our environment, provide public safety, and affordable public education, and provide essential services to the elderly, the disabled, veterans and others in need.

Eliminating more jobs from our economy is not the answer. 

What is called for here is  to  reduce waste, fraud and abuse, and the political courage  to require the rich to pay their fair share of taxes in the wealthiest state in the country.   In order to allow the rich to keep paying taxes at half the rate the rest of us pay, the governor and some legislators are pushing the largest cuts in public education and other critical services in our state’s history.   

We call on the governor and legislative leaders to take a step back and consider the irreparable harm they will do to the services upon which our communities and our economy depend and the people that provide them.   It may be frightening to tax the rich in an election year — at least to the political class —  but for the vast majority of people in this state, these are times that demand courage.