SEBAC Responds To Republican Calls For Budget Delay

The following statement was issued in response to Senator Len Fasano’s calls to delay a vote on the state budget because SEBAC has not approved officially certain win/win changes that represent savings in the current budget bill. Fasano makes this claim despite union leaders publicly stating their support for such win/win savings earlier in the legislative session and the budget process.

“We take issue with Senator Fasano’s claim that it is imprudent or improper for the budget to assume pension funding savings. While we have made clear that we are not open to a penny of further concessions beyond the $24 billion in savings we are already providing through the SEBAC 2017 agreement, we have indicated our willingness to consider ‘win-win’ changes, including the pension funding proposal included in the budget. We don’t consider it unreasonable for the budget to assume the parties will agree to this change.”

~ Statement from Daniel E. Livingston, Chief Negotiator for the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition