In Connecticut, we value our freedom. Working people deserve the same freedom corporate CEOs have: the freedom to negotiate a fair return on our work so we can provide for our families. But corporate CEOs are working with state politicians to chip away at the freedoms people in unions have won for all of us.

As we move towards a special session to finalize a state budget, politicians in Connecticut’s General Assembly are reviving proposals to strip public employees’ collective bargaining rights and roll-back decades of gains made for working families. By exploiting our budget problems, Republican legislators are trying to undermine working people’s freedom to negotiate by taking away our rights.

These attacks take aim at teachers, police officers, fire fighters, social workers, professors, nurses, and corrections officers — everyone employed by the state, municipalities and local school districts. We’ve seen what happens when the voice of any single group of workers is silenced; the middle class is weakened and billionaires and corporate interests consolidate their power.

We don’t know exactly when the special session will take place, but we need you to sign the petition to urge the Connecticut legislature to VOTE NO on any attacks on workers’ freedom to negotiate a fair return on work and instead respect public employees’ contributions to Connecticut’s quality of life.

Please click here to sign a petition telling legislators to protect our freedom to negotiate!