NEW BRITAIN, Feb. 23, 2017 –¬† With a plethora of anti-union and anti-state worker bills being introduced this session in the Connecticut General Assembly, there is one that stands out as the most egregious from a faculty perspective.

SB 596 AN ACT CONCERNING THE DEFINITION OF A MANAGERIAL EMPLOYEE would reclassify faculty at the four CSUs as managers, thereby making faculty ineligible to engage in collective bargaining.

Introduced by Sen. Len Fasano, a Republican representing the 34th district, SB 596 is an unbridled attempt to bring the 1980 Supreme Court Yeshiva decision to Connecticut public colleges and universities. In 2015, in a decision about the bargaining unit at Pacific Lutheran University, the NLRB began to walk back Yeshiva. National AAUP played a major roll in winning that Pacific Lutheran decision. Click here to read the case and the AAUP legal department’s analysis.

Be prepared for more legislative alerts and calls to action to beat down this bill and many others making their way through legislative committees. Make no mistake, bills like SB 596 – and many others being proposed – would directly affect academic freedom, tenure, and shared governance. If passed into law, they would be the death knell of quality public higher education in Connecticut.