Please request a Collective Bargaining Agreement from Human Resources.

Faculty ID Cards All part-time faculty are urged to obtain an ID card. While the uses of the card varies by campus, an ID card must be obtained prior to obtaining a parking pass and doubles as a library card on all campuses.Parking Permit All CSU part-time faculty are entitled to parking permits. Please contact your campus police for more information.

Bookstore Discount

Use your faculty ID to receive a 10% discount on books, clothing, and other purchases from any CSU Bookstore.

Health Care Premiums

As a part-time member of the instructional faculty you are eligible for selected benefits. Part-time faculty may purchase health and/or dental coverage at an assigned group rate. Please also note that part-time faculty who teach nine or more load credits at any state institutions (CSU, UConn, or the Community Colleges and any combination thereof) are eligible to receive reimbursement from the state for their health care premiums. Please contact your local Human Resources office for more information.

Tax Sheltered Annuity (403b)

Available to all part-time faculty. Salary deductions will be made on a pre-tax bi-weekly (per pay period) basis. A minimum of $25 is required to start with approximately 25% of annual salary eligible to be set aside for this.

Pension Benefits

Pursuant to Article 14.2.1 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, “Part-time members shall have the right to join or refuse to join the State Employees Retirement System or Teachers Retirement System . . . or the Alternate Retirement Plan for Higher Education.” The Alternate Retirement Plan is administered by ING and allows part-time faculty to contribute 5% of their salaries to a pension plan, while the state contributes 8% to the plan. There are currently 24 funds available for investment purposes. Additionally, a new retirement plan, the Hybrid Retirement Plan, was created in 2011. Look for more information on the Healthcare/Retirement page.

Telephone and Voicemail

Voicemail is provided for all part-time faculty. Those who are interested in obtaining voicemail boxes should request one through their department chairperson. For part-time faculty who do not have an office or telephone on campus, voicemail can be remotely accessed from any telephone, making it convenient for faculty and their students.

Library Privileges

The Faculty ID will entitle you to library privileges. Other library privileges vary on each campus.

University Course Privileges

There are course privileges, on a space available basis, for part-time members employed for 18 or more load credits. See Article 13.13 in the Collective Bargaining Agreement for additional information.


Faculty Travel & Development Funds

As of the Fall of 1997, 10% of the funds allocated for faculty travel and faculty development are designated for the exclusive use of part-time faculty. Faculty travel money can be used to attend a professional conference, seminar or workshop. Faculty development funds can be used to attend a program or workshop to learn a new skill and/or enhance your abilities as a university professional.

Take advantage of this benefit!

 Salary Groups

There are six salary groups for part-time faculty. Make sure you are in the right group and are being paid the appropriate amount. See the AAUP Collective Bargaining Agreement Article 12.8.


Membership in AAUP requires that all faculty complete the CSU-AAUP membership form. With this membership faculty will receive the publication “Academe” and many other benefits and services such as: Legal Service Plan Inc., 10% discount at Oak Hall Cap & Gown Co., Connecticut State Employees Credit Union, Automobile and Homeowners Insurance Plans, Universal Studios Fan Club, Wadsworth Athenaeum Memberships, and more.