Part-time Faculty Development Grants: As described in Article 9.6 of the CSU-AAUP Collective Bargaining Agreement, funds are allocated for faculty development defined as, “activities by and for full- and part-time members that enhance their ability to be productive and innovative professionals.”

Eligibility: Individual part-time faculty members, groups of faculty members working within departments or interdepartmental programs, and groups of faculty organized to address issues of broad departmental, school or university impact.

Purpose: Disseminating and promulgating creative activities appropriate to one’s field/discipline; taking courses/or attending conferences, workshops, seminars relevant to one’s field/discipline (generally registration fees only); hiring consultants/speakers with specific expertise; and engaging in activities which contribute to the acquisition of materials, development and extension of skills related to teaching, scholarship and professional service.

Funding limits: See Article 12.10.1.

Deadline: Proposals are due not later than February 1 of each year. Please contact your campus provost or chief academic officer.