In 1983, the General Assembly passed legislation that enabled part-time Connecticut state employees, including part-time faculty, the right to bargain collectively. In an election that followed, CSU part-time faculty chose AAUP as their bargaining agent. The 1982-84 Collective Bargaining Agreement was amended to cover part-time faculty. Prior to their first contract, the part-time faculty had received only one raise in ten years. Since then, through a series of increases, minimum part-time salaries have more than quadrupled. In addition, CSU-AAUP has been able to improve working conditions for part-time faculty. All faculty now have voicemail, email accounts, and mailboxes. Effective fall 2007, part-time faculty who teach nine or more load credits across ANY of the state’s public colleges and universities are now eligible for state subsidized healthcare. Further, in the 2007-2011 Contract, CSU-AAUP negotiated a $300 course cancellation fee (if cancelled within 7 business days prior to the first day of classes) and the possibility of multi-semester contracts. CSU-AAUP and CCSU-AAUP continue to work towards further improvements such as adequate office space, computer access, and secretarial support.

Following is a link to the rights and benefits of part-time faculty under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement as well as discounts and privileges they have as CSU faculty members: Part-time Faculty Information. Join CSU-AAUP Part-time Listserv to communicate with other CSU part-time faculty (please sign up with a personal, non-campus, email address). 

The Adjunct Advocate is a bimonthly magazine featuring articles of interest to part-time faculty. Please contact the AAUP office for the username and password.

Unemployment Compensation: Please click this link for information and advice from the CSU-AAUP attorney regarding obtaining unemployment compensation.

Please also see the Healthcare/Retirement page and internal grants/funding opportunities.