New Britain – With only days to go until the end of the regular 2017 Legislative Session, political posturing is abundant at the Capitol.

Republican leadership is making new forays into text-book examples of bad faith negotiating. Meanwhile, the GOP gears up to chip away at the foundations of our democracy by eliminating collective bargaining. Never mind that the United Nations Human Rights Commission declared collective bargaining a fundamental human right.

And the Dreamers’ bill has becomes a public relations nightmare. It’s all in the latest issue of Capitol Monitor. Click here to read all about it. 

In the final days of the session, with bills being debated and amendments being proposed at lightening speed, some Republican amendments are designed to undermine collective bargaining. These GOP amendments would:

  • Prohibit state employees from being able to negotiate for their pension and health care.
  • Increase state employee pension contributions by as much as three fold.
  • Strip overtime from being included in state and municipal pension calculations.

The entire Republican caucus (and apparently several Democratic legislators) are prepared to support these attacks on our bargaining rights. But we can stop it!

Click here to locate your state representative and state senator, and call them with a message to stop the attacks on public workers and instead pass a fair budget.

Click here for a list of Democrats and the phone number to call them. Urge these democrats to reject Republican actions that would remove our democratic right to collective bargaining.

Click here to contact your representatives with this message:

“Stop the attacks on our right to bargain for pay, pension and healthcare. Support a fair budget with real revenue solutions, instead of attacking state employees.”

The legislative session ends Wednesday, June 7, at midnight.   Make your call any time!