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2021 Media Coverage

Changes are coming for state college union workers if labor bill passes, April 20, 2022, WNPR

Recovery For All CT Advocates for Mental Health Services at State Capitol, Backed by CSU-AAUP, February 27, 2022, CT Student Mental Health News

Seeking union contract, professors warn proposed cuts will impact CT college students, November 30, 2021, CT Insider

CCSU Faculty Say Proposed Contract ‘Stinks’, November 15, 2021, NBC Connecticut

‘The Board is trying to turn us into robots’: CCSU-AAUP union members, students rally against contract proposals, November 15, 2021, New Britain Herald

Educators, Staff Call For More Funding For Public Higher Education At Rally In New Haven, September 29, 2021, WTNH

Root Out Misogyny In CSCU, September 29, 2021, CT Mirror

More Red Flags About Students First, September 20, 2021, CT Mirror

Martin Looney (opinion): The Ongoing Importance Of Unions For Workers July 16, 2021, New Haven Register

What A Time To Be In Academia July 15, 2021, CT NewsJunkie

Chanting ‘No More Cuts, Tax The Rich,’ Hundreds Of Unionized State Workers Rally At Capitol Ahead Of Contract Fight July 13, 2021, Hartford Courant

State Workers Rally For ‘Hero Pay,’ Telecommuting. Governor Lamont Says ‘We’re Talking’ July 13, 2021, WTNH

Opinion: Board of Regents’ Proposals Undermine Their Own Stated Goals May 29, 2021, CT Mirror

Senate Democrats Vote To Strengthen Hand Of Public Unions May 13, 2021, CT Mirror

Should Two And Four Year Degrees Be Free? May 13, 2021, The New York Times

Alongside 14-foot Inflatable Skunk, CSCU Faculty Say Proposed Contracts ‘Stink’ May 13, 2021, CT Post

Some Universities’ Response To Budget Woes: Make Faculty Teach More Courses April 30, 2021, Washington Post

Some Universities’ Response To Budget Woes: Make Faculty Teach More Courses “Turning the thumbscrews” on professors ultimately hurts students, faculty complain April 30, 2021, Hechinger Report

Students, Professors March For More Money For Higher Ed, April 30, 2021, NBC-CT 

A Pandemic Lesson For CSCU Leaders: Affordable, Accessible Childcare Is Critical, April 22, 2021, CT Mirror

Legislature Sets Its Own Budget Plan And The Stage Is Set For Debate, April 21, 2021, CT Mirror

14-foot Skunk In Tow, Union Says CT Higher Education Contract Proposals ‘Stink”, April 21, 2021, New Haven Register

Governor Lamont Can Negotiate A Bold, Equitable Budget, April 13, 2021, CT Mirror

Professors Protest CSCU Policies, April 6, 2021, The Chronicle

Deep Concern About The Harmful Nature Of The Board Of Regents’ Contract Proposal, March 17, 2021, CT Mirror

Shortchanging Research Is Shortsighted, March 14, 2021, The Hartford Courant 

Big Paychecks For New Community College Administrative Staff Fuel Discord As Regents Prepare To Hire New President, March 13, 2021, The Hartford Courant

The Board Of Regents Changes Must Not Shortchange Its Students Or Faculty, March 4, 2021, CT Mirror

CSCU Faculty Voice Accreditation Concerns In Negotiations With Board Of Regents, February 22, 2021, The Connecticut Examiner

Connecticut Tax Policy Must Adjust To Help Preserve Higher Education Here, February 16, 2021, CT Mirror

Budget Speeches Are Fine, But It’s Time For Gov. Lamont To Get To Work, February 12, 2021, The Hartford Courant

State employee unions tell Gov. Ned Lamont they won’t forego raises to spare the rich from a tax hike, February 11, 2021, The Hartford Courant

CSCU Administrative Budgets Out Of Synch With Educational Priorities Legislators Warn, February 9, 2021, The Connecticut Examiner

Connecticut’s $100 Million Shell Game January 21, 2021 CT Mirror

The New College Days: Reflecting On The First Semester Of The 2020-2021 Academic Year, January 15, 2021, WNPR Where We Live

2020 Media Coverage

The 737 Max And The CSCU Board of Regents – Biases At The Top Can Lead To Disasters For The Organization – December 22, 2020 CT Mirror

If COVID-19 Makes Campus Life Less Attractive, CT Universities Will Pay A Stiff Price – December 22, 2020 CT Mirror

‘Draconian’ Contract Proposals In Connecticut – December 15, 2020 Inside HigerEd

Faculty, Board of Regents Stake Out Vast Differences on Collective Bargaining Agreement – December 15, 2020 Connecticut Examiner

Faculty, Staff Urge Leaders Not To Make Cuts – November 19, 2020 – WFSB Channel 3 

Jane Gates Appointed Interim CSCU President – November 19, 2020 CT Mirror

Professors, Students Protest Increased Budget Cuts at Connecticut State Universities – November 19, 2020 Hartford Courant

Austerity Measures Will Hurt Connecticut’s State Universities – November 18, 2020 CT Mirror

There Is Too Much State Borrowing To Benefit Private Colleges And Schools – November 16, 2020 CT Mirror

Fiscal Responsibility Or Slash-And-Burn Budgetary Politics at CSCU? – November 3, 2020 CT Mirror 

CSCU Makes More Budget Cuts To States Colleges And Universities – October 28, 2020 TheRecorder

Lawmakers Eye Higher Ed, Non-Profits For State Bailout As COVID Continues – October 26, 2020 CT Mirror

Lawmakers To Lamont: Use CT Reserves To Bailout Colleges, Non-Profits – October 26, 2020 CT Insider

Public Higher Education At Critical Crossroads – October 23, 2020 CT NewsJunkie

Union Calls On State Leaders To Reject Proposal To Cut Funding To Four State Universities – October 21, 2020 WFSB Channel 3 Eyewitness News

CSCU Faculty And Students Ask For Emergency Funding After Budget Cuts – October 21, 2020 CT Mirror

Professors, Students and Alumni Protest Budget Cuts At Connecticut’s State Universities – October 21, 2020 Hartford Courant

Fighting For The Common Good In Connecticut – October, 21, 2020 Bargaining For The Common Good

The Board of Regents – Penny Wise, Pound Foolish And Increasingly Unjust – October 21, 2020 CT Mirror

Cuts To Education Smack Of False Economy – October 16, 2020 CT Examiner 

Opening Minds, Opening Doors At CSCU – October 15, 2020 CT Mirror

Learning: A Special Report: This School Year Has Been Unlike Any Other – October 15, 2020 New York Times

Drop In Community College Enrollment And Lower Occupancy Of University Dorms Fueling $69M Deficit At Connecticut’s State Colleges And Universities – October 7, 2020 Hartford Courant

New Round Of Budget Cuts Hitting Personnel – October 7, 2020 Inside HigherEd

Amid Declining Enrollment And Revenue, CSCU System Asks State For A $69 Million Bailout – Fox 61 CT

Legislators Ask CSCU To Reconsider Reopening Measures – August 25, 2020 CT News Junkie

CSCU President Ojakian ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ Over The Future; Announces Retirement – August 16, 2020 Westchester and Fairfield County Business Journals

Faculty From Several State Colleges Complain Connecticut’s Plan For COVID Testing Is Lacking – August 13, 2020 Hartford Courant

Connecticut Community College: Dumbing Down Diversity In The Name Of College Success – June 23, 2020 CT Mirror

CSCU To Review College Programs To Determine Relevance To Hiring CT Employees – June 22 Hartford Business Journal

What Would A Merged Community College Look Like? CSCU Progress Report Details Road Map To The Future – June 14, 2020 CT Post

My Gig Work As A Professor Is More Precarious Than Ever In This Pandemic – June 3, 2020 The Guardian 

State College And University Campuses To Reopen For Start Of Fall Semester – May 29, 2020 CT Mirror

New Community College Organization Chart Is Built Upside Down – May 26, 2020 CT Mirror

Essential Workers Sick With COVID-19  Deserve Workers’ Comp – May 15, 2020 CT Mirror

One Size Won’t Fit All: Gradual Reopening Of Connecticut Colleges In The Works – May 6, 2020 CT Post

Recommendations Revealed For Phased Reopening of Connecticut Colleges And Universities – May 6, NBC-CT

What We Lose When We Go From The Classroom To Zoom – May 4, 2020 New York Times

Gig Professors Need Protection During Coronavirus – April 29, 2020 Hartford Courant

Front-line Workers In The COVID-19 Fight Need Unions – April 23, 2020 Washington Post

GOP’s Fassao Presses Lamont To Delay Raises During Pandemic – April 23, 2020 CT Mirror

For Many College Students, Online Learning During Coronavirus Is Far From A ‘New Normal’ – April 22, 2020 Hartford Courant

Barely Getting By – April 20, 2020 Inside Higher Ed

Coronavirus Could Make Online Learning The New Norm At CT Colleges – April 6, 2020 Hartford Business Journal 

Turning Point Weighs In On The Crisis – March 24, 2020 Academe 

Higher Ed Going On Break And Then Online – March 13, 2020 CT News Junkie

Charge Of Voter Suppression Shows True Racial Animus – February 23, 2020 The Day

Professor: I Just Earned Tenure; It Doesn’t Mean I Can’t Be Fired – February 3, 2020 Atlanta Journal Constitution

“Good Faith” And Community College Consolidation – January 31, 2020 CT Mirror

College And Kids: Addressing The Challenges Student Parents Face – January 14, 2020 WNPR Where We Live

2019 Media Coverage

Student Debt Increased By 107% This Decade Federal Reserve Data Shows – December 30, 2019

Faculty Protest Community College Consolidation – December 22, 2019 – Middletown Press

Faculty, Staff Crowd Regents Meeting To Oppose College Merger Plan – December 20, 2019 Hartford Courant

A Strange New England Coral May Hold Secrets To Combating Climate Change – December 8, 2019 WNPR Where We Live 

CSCU President Uses Low Graduation Rates To Make Case For Consolidation – November 15, 2019 The Day 

CCSU Professor And Her Team Uncover The Mysteries Of Hartford’s Ancient Burying Ground – November 12, 2019 New Britain Herald 

This Looks Like The Start Of A Great Time For Unions – October 21, 2019 Bloomberg

Key Republican Legislator Miffed About UConn President’s Free Tuition Plan – October 9, 2019 CT Mirror

UConn President Announces Free Tuition Program at “Big, Fat, Greek” Inauguration – October 4, 2019 CT Mirror

Will An Age Of Activism And Strikes Lead To Union Growth? – October 4, 2019 CT Mirror

Board of Regents Lacks Accountability; Siphons Funds From Students – September 28, 2019 CT Examiner 

The Expendable Workforce: Adjunct Faculty In Higher Education – September 19, 2019 WNPR Where We Live

Follow The Money: Fund Community Colleges Not System Office – August 20, 2019 CT Viewpoints

What Do These “No Confidence” Votes Mean? – July 8, 2019 CT Mirror

Talking Students First With CCSU Professor Matt Warshauer – June 15, 2019 NBC-CT Face The Facts

A Community College “To Do” List – May 24, 2019 CT Mirror

Faculty Vote “No Confidence” In CSCU Leaders And Their Consolidation Plan – May 15, 2019 CT Mirror

Faculty Votes Oppose Community College Consolidation Plan – May 10, 2019 Journal Inquirer 

Community College Overlap? Some Believe New Regional Presidents Are Redundant – April 29, 2019 Journal Inquirer

Nader Urges Connecticut Governor To Reject Community College Consolidation – April 22, 2019 CT Post

Calling For Cuts At Colleges: CSCU Issues Consolidation Update To Governing Body – April 18, 2019 Journal Inquirer  

Connecticut Moves To Consolidate Community Colleges Amid Faculty Opposition – April 17, 2019 Inside Higher Ed

Troubling Numbers: The Cost Of “Saving” – April 2, 2019 CT Mirror

A Plan To Increase Tuition By 5 Percent At Connecticut’s Regional Universities Has Been Approved – March 28, 2019 Hartford Courant

College Proposal Called “A Very Big Deal” – March 28, 2019 Journal Inquirer

Reluctant Warriors: Students, Faculty Deliver Petition To Lamont Opposing Consolidation Of 12 Community Colleges in Connecticut – March 9, 2019 Hartford Courant

“Radical” CT College Consolidation Plan Draws Dozens Of Protesters – March 9, 2019 CT Post

Community College Students, Staff Speak Out Against Consolidation Plan – March 8, 2019 Channel 3 Eyewitness News

CT College Consolidation Strategy A “Massive Gamble” – March 7, 2019 CT Post

Fact Checking The CSCU Reorganization – February 19, 2019 CT Mirror

How The Right Learned To Loathe Higher Education – January 31, 2019 Chronicle Of Higher Education

2018 Media Coverage

SCOTUS Rules Against Mandatory Union Fees For Public Employees, June 26, WTNH

Connecticut State University Professors Want To Be Heard, May 14, WNPR

Regents Under Fire For Push On Merger, May 11, Journal Inquirer

Regents: Extra State Funds Not A Cure-All for System In Crisis, May 10, CT Mirror

Official Vows To Push Ahead With Community College Merger Plan, May 10, WTIC and Associated Press 

Community College Merger Plan To Push Forward Despite Opposition, May 10, CT Post

Leaders Pushing Community College Plan Forward Despite Accreditor’s Rejection, May 10, Hartford Courant

Faculty Take Board Of Regents To Task Over College Consolidation Plan, May 10, NBC-CT

State Educators Take On CSCU President, Board, May 10, Fox 61

Ojakian Tells Legislators Could Double At Community Colleges, Rise By Nearly 50 Percent At State Universities, April 26, Hartford Courant

Community College Leaders Looking At Campus Closures, Tuition Hikes After Merger Plan Denied, April 25, Hartford Courant

Planned Community College Merger Rejected By Commission, April 25, Fox-61

Students React To Rejection Of College Consolidation Plan, April 25, NBC-CT

Community College Merger Off, April 25, Journal Inquirer

Plan To Consolidate Leadership Of Connecticut Community Colleges Rejected, April 25, 2018, WTNH

Connecticut’s College Merger Plan Rejected, April 24, CT Post

NEASC Turns Down Proposed Community College Merger, A Move CSCU Leaders Call ‘Devastating,’ April 24, Hartford Courant

Accrediting Body Rejects Community College Consolidation, April 24, CT Mirror

NEASC Rules Against Plan For Community College Consolidation, April 24, NBC-CT

Connecticut’s College Merger Plan Rejected, April 24, The Middletown Press

Martin Luther King’s Legacy Still Lives On In Connecticut, April 4, 2018, Fox 61

CCSU’s AAAUP Aims To Combat Higher Education Cuts, April 4, 2018, The Recorder

University Faculty Weigh In On Community College Consolidation Plan, March 7, 2018, CT Post

Democratic Lawmakers Detail Free College Tuition, March 2, 2018, CT News Junkie

Democratic Legislators Propose Free State College Programs, March 1, 2018, Hartford Courant

Put Students First: Close The CSCU System, Disband The Board Of Regents, Feb. 20, 2018, CT Mirror

Lawmakers Question College Consolidation Plan, Jan. 31, 2018, CT Post

Legislators Pepper Ojakian With Questions About Community College Consolidation Plan, Jan. 31, 2018, Hartford Courant 

CSCU President Pushes Plan For Community College Consolidation, Jan. 30, 2018, NBC-CT 

Proposal To Consolidate State’s Community Colleges, Jan. 30, 2018, Fox 61

Connecticut Regents Failed To Do College Merger Homework, Jan. 28, 2018, Hartford Courant Op-Ed

CSCU President Mark Ojakian: Following Consolidation Vote, Plenty Of Work Yet To Be Done, Jan. 2, 2018, Westfair Communications

2017 Media Coverage

Regents Green Light Community College Consolidation. December 14, 2017, CT News Junkie

Board of Regents votes to consolidate all 12 community colleges. December 14, 2017, CT Mirror

Regents Vote To Consolidate Community Colleges Despite Critics. December 14, 2017, Hartford Courant

State Board Of Regents OKs Community College Consolidation. December 14, 2017, New Haven Register

Community College Consolidation Moves To Next Phase.  December 14, 2017, CT Post

State Colleges To Be Consolidated.  December 14, 2017, NBC Connecticut

CSCU Board Of Regents Approves Consolidation Plan. December 15, 2017, Fox 61 News

Faculty Members Questions CCSU’s Plan To Consolidate, December 13, 2017

College Students, Professors From CSU System Urge Malloy To Veto Budget Plan,  Sept. 27, 2017, WTNH News 8

Professors Decry Higher Ed Cuts In State Budget Bill,  Sept. 27, 2017, WTIC News Talk CBS Connecticut

Republicans Call For Override, Malloy Calls For A Veto,  Sept. 27, 2017, CTNewsJunkie

Conn. Higher Ed Students, Faculty Give ‘F’ To Republican Budget, Sept. 27, 2017, Hartford Courant

Professors, Students Protest Republican Budget In Hartford, Sept. 27, 2017, Waterbury Republican-American

CSU-AAUP Faculty, Students Fail This Budget Action, Sept. 27, 2017, WFSB Channel 3

Republican Leaders Speak Out On The Latest Stage Of State Budget Stalemate,  Sept. 27, 2017, Fox 61

Labor, Urban Advocates Rally To Urge Malloy Veto Of GOP Budget, Sept. 21, 2017, CT Mirror

State Education Funding To Be A Battleground In Budget Dispute, Sept. 20, 2017, CT Mirror

Concession Fatigue In Connecticut, August 29, 2017, Labor Notes

Employee Unions Endorse Concessions Deal By Huge Margin, July 18, 2017, Hartford Courant

Some Community Colleges Could Close Under Budget Plans, May 19, 2017, Hartford Courant

Budget Warning From Connecticut State President, May 18, 2017, Inside HigherEd

College Courses Considered As State Budget Troubles Worsen, May 18, 2017, NBC CT

Our View: The Budget Situation Hits Closer To Home, May 18, 2017, New Britain Herald

Plan Pushback: Professors Opposed To CSCU President’s Proposed Savings Ideas, May 17, 2017, New Britain Herald

Faculty Protest Changes At CSCU Board Of Regents Meeting, May 11, 2017, WTNH News 8

Faculty Protest Cost Saving Plan For CSCU, May 11, 2017, Hartford Courant

Students, Faculty Speak Out Against CSCU Consolidation, May 11, 2017, WFSB Eye Witness News

Connecticut State College, Reorganization Unnecessary, May 4, 2017, Hartford Courant

Protest Rally Held Against State College Cuts At CCSU,  April 25, 2017, WTNH News 8

CCSU Faculty to Take ‘No Confidence’ Vote on CSCU Board of Regents, President, April 24, 2107, NBC CT

CSCU President Pushing Money-saving Plan, April 24, 2017, New Britain Herald

Faculty Balk At Ojakian’s ‘Clandestine’ Plan For CSCU’s Future, April 10, 2017, CT Mirror

CSCU Faculty On Edge Awaiting Budget-Balancing Plan, April 3, 2017, Hartford Courant

CSCU President Proposes Consolidating Administrative Positions, April 3, 2017, Fox 61 

Administration Consolidations Proposed for CSCU Colleges, April 3, 2017, NBC CT

State Employees Launch Battle Against 96 Bills, March 24, 2017, Hartford Courant

Rotua Lumbantobing: Contrary To Report, State Employees Not Overpaid, March 17, 2017, Newstimes

Unions Push For Tuition Aid For ‘Dreamers,’ April 26, 2017, CT Post

Faculty Plan Vote Of ‘No Confidence’ In Board Of Regents For Higher Education, April 21, 2017, WNPR

Connecticut State Colleges And University System Poised For Change, April 20, 2017, WNPR

Ojakian Explains His Plan For Administrative Consolidation Of The CSCU System, April 6, 2017, WNPR

Decision On CSCU Tuition Hikes Heads To The Board Of Regents, March 28, 2017, NBC CT

Tuition Hike Recommended For Connecticut State Colleges, March 24, 2017, Associated Press.

Day Of Action At State Capitol For Public Higher Education, January 26, 2017, Fox 61

2016 Media Coverage

Ojakian’s Contract Extended As President Of The Connecticut Colleges & University System, December 8, 2016, Hartford Courant

Searching for the Elusive Plastic Pollution Off Connecticut’s Coast, November 22, 2016, WNPR

‘Starvation mode’ for Connecticut, our nation’s richest state?, May 19, 2016, CT Viewpoints

CT legislature undermining future of its higher education system, May 17, 2016 CT Viewpoints

I’ve tried cheaper states than CT, and here I am May 8, 2016, Hartford Courant

More Than 700 Rally At Capitol Against Concessions, Cuts, April 4, 2016, Hartford Courant

Decision on CSCU Tuition Hikes Heads to the Board of Regents, March 28, 2017, NBC CT

Tuition Hike Recommended For Connecticut State Colleges, March 24, 2017, Associated Press.

Day of Action at State Capitol for public higher education, January 26, 2017, Fox 61

CSCU, union still at odds with arbitration deadline near, January 21, 2016, CT Mirror

Fearing Tenure Changes, Professors Protest Contract Proposals, January 21, 2016, Hartford Courant