The following statement is from the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC):

Governor Malloy, through his Office of Labor Relations, has formally requested a meeting with SEBAC unions to discuss “concessions in the area of pension and healthcare benefits.”

Click here to read the letter from the Malloy Administration to SEBAC’s chief negotiator.

SEBAC responded this morning clearly and unequivocally; union leadership welcomes an opportunity to meet but does not have the authorization of our elected rank-and-file leadership to enter into any discussions about reopening our 2011 agreement.

Click here for the coalition’s response.

While SEBAC understands the purpose of the governor’s request to meet, his proposals to balance the budget at our expense, reduce public services and lay off thousands of employees will hurt both our economy and our most vulnerable residents.

We hope the administration will agree to meet to begin discussions on concrete and substantive ways to resolve the current and future budget deficits. Our 2011 agreement actually provides some of those solutions without the need to re-open or make further changes.

AFT Connecticut President Jan Hochadel puts the situation into perspective:
“It’s time to stop with the false assumption that working people are the only ones who should step up to protect and preserve our quality of life… The reality is that Connecticut has a fairness problem. State workers have given back at 30 times the rate as CEOs and hedge fund managers. All working families contribute taxes at nearly twice the rate that that millionaires and billionaires do to fund vital services,” said Hochadel, who taught physics and science in the Connecticut State Technical High School System (CTHSS).