NEW BRITAIN, July 20, 2017 – This week, CSU-AAUP membership overwhelmingly voted to approve the SEBAC Agreement and the new CSU-AAUP/BOR Collective Bargaining Agreement.

But now both of those hard-fought agreements are at risk of being thrown out by certain members of the state legislature.

The SEBAC Agreement and the CSU-AAUP contract are likely to be called for a vote in the state legislature as early as Monday, July 24. If, as expected, all Republicans and a few Democrats vote no on the SEBAC Agreement, the CSU-AAUP contract will also be thrown out.

Please email or call your representatives in the House and Senate as soon as possible and urge them to vote to pass the SEBAC Agreement and the CSU-AAUP contract.

Click here to contact your legislators. The link will bring you to a form letter, which you may edit as you wish.

Thank you for taking action to defend your CSU-AAUP contract and your collective bargaining rights.