While the Health Enhancement Program has already begun showing positive results in terms of improving health and lowering costs, there have been many glitches and imperfections in its beginning years of implementation.  Many state employees are still listed as non-compliant, and still struggling with the frustrations caused by startup glitches, and we want to be clear about how the process moves forward for those employees.  Attached please find a document prepared by SEBAC offering guidance for state employees and dependents for any Health Enhancement Program (HEP) compliance issues.

If you have received information from CMS indicating that you are non-compliant, you should contact them directly ( at 877-687-1448 or www.cthep.com) to ascertain the nature of the non-compliance and attempt to resolve the non-compliance requirements. If you are unsuccessful in  resolving the issue(s) of non-compliance, you should email Steve Greatorex at greatorexs@ccsu.edu detailing the nature of your compliance issue(s).

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