SignsYour interest, energy and expertise are needed to guide CSU-AAUP now and in the future. While the professional staff assists and supports the work of CSU-AAUP officers, representatives and committee members, it is the faculty themselves who set the direction and priorities for the union. Participation is necessary in order to accomplish the goals set by the leadership. You are the union and getting involved in CSU-AAUP helps the union to function more effectively as your collective bargaining agent and your professional organization.

There are a number of ways you can get involved, including those listed below, and they can vary from simply attending a Chapter Meeting to running for elected office. Every level of involvement is necessary. If you have any questions or have other ideas on how you can assist the union, please contact your local chapter AAUP office.

Contract and Standing Labor/Management Committees
CSU-AAUP appoints faculty volunteers to serve on such committees as the Sick Leave Bank Committee (Article 13.3.2), the Academic Freedom Panel (Article, and the Research Grants Committee (Article 9.10).

Political Action
To further its mission of advancing academic freedom and shared governance, the AAUP works with state officials to promote the profession, the values of a CSU education and effective higher education legislation. When issues of importance to AAUP members come before the Legislature, action alerts are sent to all members. CSU-AAUP employs a lobbying firm, however, personal contact from constituents is the most influential method of lobbying, and it is imperative that all the members individually take action if we hope to succeed.

Meetings and Conferences
Your attendance at CSU-AAUP meetings and conferences is important. CSU-AAUP chapters regularly hold Chapter Meetings, member socials, and informational meetings on pressing issues affecting the membership. The union also sponsors conferences for special interest groups within the membership and on issues of special concern.

Workshops and Training
CSU-AAUP frequently sends members to trainings provided by the National AAUP, lobbying workshops provided by our lobbying firm, and various other conferences. CSU-AAUP also hosts periodic grievance training workshops and an annual Council member orientation.

Grievance Officer
CSU-AAUP chapters are frequently looking for members who are interested in serving their colleagues as trained grievance officers and/or contract administrators. These individuals may be called upon to perform a variety of tasks, ranging from attending a meeting as an observer to representing a colleague in a grievance hearing. Members interested in becoming grievance officers should contact their local chapter office to request notification of training opportunities.

CSU-AAUP Council
The CSU-AAUP is governed by a Council composed of the officers of the CSU-AAUP, (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer), the immediate past President, the four Chapter Presidents, and one representative elected from each university chapter for every 150 members of the bargaining unit or fraction thereof employed at that campus. An alternate is elected from each chapter and serves in the absence of any representative. Representatives serve staggered two-year terms that begin June 1. The duties of the Council, as listed in the CSU-AAUP Constitution, include:

  • Selection and instruction of the bargaining team, which includes responsibility for safeguarding the rights of special interest groups such as librarians, coaches, counselors, women and minorities
  • Provision for bargaining of individual specific campus issues
  • Authorization to invoke binding arbitration in the event of an impasse in bargaining
  • Appointment of officials and committees necessary to fulfill the purposes of the organization
  • Recommendation to the membership of the amount of dues and assessments
  • Establishment of by-laws and regulations necessary to carry out the purposes of the organizations, consistent with the constitution
  • Publication of regular reports of its activities and financial status to the bargaining unit
  • Creation and adoption of a budget and disbursement of funds
  • Maintenance of relations with state and national AAUP and other appropriate agencies

If you are interested in running for a Council or Officer seat, please contact your local AAUP office for more information.

Local Chapter
Each local AAUP chapter has different committees and activities that they sponsor. Please contact your local AAUP office for more information on ways you can get involved in both the local and statewide levels.

Opportunities also exist for involvement in the State Conference AAUP, the National AAUP Collective Bargaining Congress, the National AAUP Committees, and the National AAUP Council. For more information, contact your local chapter office.