(From the CSU-AAUP/CSUS BOT Collective Bargaining Agreement)

Reassigned time may be given for curriculum development, faculty development and instructional enhancement (Article 10.6.5), department administration (Article 10.6.1), administrative and quasi-administrative duties (Article 10.6.2), research (Article 10.6.4), supported research (Article 10.10), and grants with outside agencies (Article 10.11). See the Contract articles listed below for additional information.

10.6.1 Departments shall receive load credit for administrative responsibilities under the following formula: (Full-time equivalent (FTE) department members shall be determined by adding the number of active full-time members of the department on the date specified in Article 12.2.2 and the average number of full-time equivalent part-time members during the fall and spring semesters of the previous academic year.)

FTE Department Members Load Credits/Semester
1-3.99 3.0
4-9.99 6.0
10-16.99 7.5
17-25.99 9.0
26 or more 12.0

The appropriate Dean may allocate additional load credits to a department for unusual additional time demands for specialized departmental functions.

Such load credits shall normally be assigned to the department chairperson, but may be assigned to other department members with the approval of the appropriate Dean.

Because chairpersons and others who are allocated reassigned time during the academic year for departmental administration have a continuing responsibility, both within and outside of the academic year for department business, the parties agree that ten-month chairpersons shall receive compensation as specified in Article 12.5.5. It is the expectation of the parties that in any significant absence of a department chairperson the chair stipend may be assigned, with the concurrence of the Dean, to an acting chairperson(s), as necessary, at the beginning of the nearest applicable biweekly pay period.

10.6.2 Load Credit for Non-Instructional Work
Additional non-instructional load credit for administrative and quasi-administrative duties performed by full-time members may be assigned by the President or designee. Such designation should follow departmental consultation. In each instance, a written description of the assignment and its duration, including the amount of reassigned load credit, shall be made with copies provided to the member, the chair of the affected department, and CSU-AAUP. Any in-house title attached to such assignment must carry the approval of the President, or designee, prior to use.

10.6.4 Reassigned Time for Research
At the discretion of the President or designee following an advisory system established by the Chief Academic Officer, full-time members may be awarded reassigned time for research purposes.

Load credits allocated for this purpose shall be no less than:

Institution Work Load Credits Per Semester
CCSU 108
SCSU 108
Total 295

No individual may be awarded more than six (6) load credits per semester under this provision.

10.6.5 Reassigned Time for Curriculum Development, Faculty Development, and Instructional Enhancement
At the discretion of the President or designee, full-time members may be awarded reassigned time for curriculum development, faculty development, or instructional enhancement. The following are the definitions for each of these categories:

Faculty Development – workshop, symposium, conference, acquiring new skills related to discipline or necessary for new technology, licensing, certification.

Curriculum – academic program review, revision of majors, work on interdisciplinary programs, major revision of courses, creation of new courses, program academic development, transition of curriculum to new technologies, workshops on instructional matters (internal), program accreditation.

Instructional Enhancement – theatre/show/radio station/planetarium/ studio/weather center direction, team teaching coordination, publication editor, honors program direction, academic program/center/institute direction and coordination, grants coordination, field experience coordination, advisement center direction, Graduate Council, coordinating majors, adaptive technology supervision, coordination of student teaching supervision, academic grant development or administration.

Load credits allocated for these purposes shall be no less than:

Institution Work Load Credits Per Semester
CCSU 132
SCSU 132
Total 415

10.10 Reassigned Time for Supported Research
Reassigned time for supported research may be in the amount of one (1) load credit for each $1,000 of indirect cost funds generated by the research up to a maximum of nine (9) load credits of reassigned time per semester except where granting agencies or similar agents require greater reassigned time as a condition of consideration in the grant proposal and for which the institution has agreed and for which it is compensated. Such reassigned time may be used to fulfill the matching funds requirement as now stipulated by many granting agencies. However, reassigned time may be granted by the appropriate academic Dean after consultation with the department chairperson in support of otherwise non-supported research.

10.11 Grants with Outside Agencies
During the fall and spring semesters, outside agencies may purchase up to nine (9) load credits of a full-time member’s workload, except where granting agencies or similar agents require greater purchased time as a condition of consideration in the grant or contract proposal to which the institution has agreed and for which it is compensated.