Dear Colleagues:

Leaders of the unions in the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) today met with officials from the governor’s administration as part of ongoing exploratory talks. We have voted to move forward with formal negotiations, based on an agreed-upon framework for providing job security and protecting benefits for members, while producing cost savings for taxpayers. This is a framework for an agreement; it is not an agreement in itself.

Click here for the framework that will serve as a guideline for negotiations.

This is but the first step in what will be a weeks-long process in which you and all state employees will have the opportunity to make your voices heard. The next step will be for members of local unions’ negotiating committees to finalize individual bargaining unit agreements covering wages and working conditions over the next five years.

Then there would be a two-part vote by all members of the CSU-AAUP bargaining unit. The first would be on the framework’s proposed changes to the coalition’s health and pension benefits agreement. The second would be on CSU-AAUP contracts, which would include the remaining provisions in the guideline, plus any CSU-AAUP specific issues.

Our collective decision, as union leaders, to move forward with asking members to consider a cost-savings agreement is based on the need to protect principles fundamental to our movement. This is about defending your rights to collective bargaining and maintaining our historic role as advocates for the American middle class in these uncertain times.

If you need further information about the 2017 Framework, please got to the Documents Tab on our home page where we have compiled a list of common questions and answers.

More to come,

Elena Tapia

President, CSU-AAUP