Join CSU-AAUP, other SEBAC unions, and community organizations that make up the DUE Justice coalition on April 4, 2016, as we hold politicians accountable and rate their commitment to the people of Connecticut on these five critical issues:

  • Good Jobs and Fair Wages
  • Universal Access to Quality Public Education, Preschool to Grad School
  • A Vibrant and Fairly Funded Public Sector
  • Racial, Gender, and Ethnic Justice
  • Democracy in Our State and in Our Work Places

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Which of our elected officials are genuine public servants fighting for the 99 percent in Connecticut – the richest and most unequal state in the nation? And which politicians are taking the easy way out?

Join us April 4, 2016, as we stand up for public servants who stand up for us. And let’s hold accountable those who stand against us. It’s our state government. Let’s make sure it works for all and not just the few!

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