CSU-AAUP Stands With West Virginia Teachers, Calls On Lawmakers To Show Political Courage And Support Educators

March 5, 2018, (NEW BRITAIN, Conn.) – The Connecticut State University American Association of University Professors stands in solidarity with West Virginia teachers who as of today are on the eighth day of a statewide strike for fair pay and affordable health care coverage.

One of the few statewide teachers strikes in American history, this strike includes about 20,000 teachers in West Virginia whose average salary of $45,000 makes them among the lowest paid educators in our nation. Rolling walkouts began Feb. 2 in just a few southern counties in the state. Today all 55 counties stand in solidarity and are on strike. CSU-AAUP believes West Virginia teachers – and indeed teachers across our nation – deserve more. Teachers serve on the educational front lines to help develop our country’s most precious natural resource – our young people. These young students of today will become our country’s leaders, policy makers, legislators, business executives, artists, researchers, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow; to support their teachers is to support the very future of our nation.

CSU-AAUP calls on the West Virginia state legislature to find the political strength and courage to vote in support of teachers and school service workers because a vote for teachers is a vote for our nation’s future.

A Go Fund Me site has been established to help build a West Virginia Teachers Strike Fund. Anyone wishing to offer financial support for West Virginia’s striking teachers can donate to this Go Fund Me Strike Fund by clicking here.