CSU-AAUP President Elena Tapia Issues Statement On Legislative Victory For Dreamers

May 1, 2018 – CSU-AAUP congratulates Connecticut Students For A Dream (C4D) on their recent victory in the Connecticut General Assembly. After five long years, C4D succeeded in passing Senate Bill 4, a bill that provides equal access to institutional financial aid for Dreamers. On April 27, 2018, Governor Malloy signed that bill into law.

Having waged a well-organized campaign, C4D kept equal access to institutional financial aid front and center each legislative session. Over these five years, CSU-AAUP leaders and members have stood shoulder to shoulder with Dreamers. We attended events, press conferences, wrote and delivered legislative testimony, and held rallies all in support of Dreamers.

DACA students were paying a portion of their tuition into the colleges’ and universities’ financial aid systems – just as all students do, and up until now, those who are undocumented could not apply for that institutional aid. The situation was completely unfair and biased. CSU-AAUP holds that quality public higher education is a right for all residents, regardless of immigration status. To be sure, equipped with degrees from Connecticut institutions of public higher education, Dreamers are poised to give back to their communities and to the state ten-fold. And so it is with great satisfaction that CSU-AAUP congratulates C4D and all the Dreamers on a job well done and on their very deserved and long overdue win.

Click here for a printable PDF of President Tapia’s statement.