CSU faculty are often an overlooked resource for the State of Connecticut. In addition to teaching a four course load per semester, you engage in original research, often providing valuable opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to participate in research. CSU faculty serve as valuable resources in their communities, by performing service and research that assists local organizations and/or governmental entities. Yet, these contributions are often unacknowledged in the public discourse on higher education in our state. Therefore, CSU-AAUP has launched a marketing campaign with Words@Work. The campaign is designed to highlight and promote the work of CSU faculty, librarians, coaches, and counselors. Please visit our new blog, CSU CONNects and like us on Facebook! Help us get the word out about these resources. Share them with your friends!

Do you have interesting research or community service to add to the campaign? Email Meagan Maguire at meagan@wordsatwork.us.