Connecticut legislators passed a state budget early Saturday morning that attacks quality public higher education in Connecticut. The budget slashes funding to the CSUs, which will in turn burden students and their families with higher tuition costs, program cuts, and reduced access to financial aid.

Enough is enough!

This budget comes on the heels of more than $20 million in cuts to the CSUs in 2015 and stands to decimate the kind of quality public higher education our state needs to succeed.

We must fight back!

The Governor has issued a statement declaring his intent to veto, but corporate lobbyists and their supporters smell blood, and they’re pushing Malloy to sign this devastating budget.

That’s why it’s important for him to hear from you.

Click here to email the Governor and urge him to VETO this awful budget.

You can also call the Governor’s office at (860) 566-4840 to urge him to stay strong and veto this as soon as it arrives at his desk.

What’s so awful about this budget?

  • Axes higher education funding: More cuts to an already bare-bone higher education budget means devastating cuts in programs, financial aid, and increased tuition;
  • Attacks collective bargaining rights: eliminates freedom for state workers to negotiate health care and retirement security, and makes significant changes to municipal collective bargaining;
  • Guts our clean elections program: by gutting the program created after the Rowland scandal, this budget opens up the floodgates for dark money in our elections;
  • Still unbalanced: per the nonpartisan fiscal office, the budget creates huge deficits over $6 billion from 2020-2022;
  • Raises thresholds on prevailing wage projects: this will effectively lower the wages for thousands of construction workers;
  • Increases taxes on the working poor: by drastically cutting the earned income tax credit, the working poor will have to pay $75 million more in taxes while the wealthiest 1% don’t pay a penny more;

Let the Governor know that you support his intent to veto this devastating budget.

If you’re on Twitter, here are some sample posts to share:

  • The austerity budget that passed the legislature shows absolute contempt for #CT #Students and #HigherEd #VetoTheBadBudget
  • I join @ConnAFLCIO, @CSUAAUP demanding a #FairShareBudgetCT that works for all #BetterChoices
  • @GovMalloyOffice I urge you to #VetoTheBadBudget that attacks workers & raises taxes on the poor. There are #BetterChoices than austerity

Thank you for your support.

Together, we can defeat this anti-higher education budget.