The budget that passed the Connecticut legislature on September 15, 2017, has the potential to do serious harm to CSU, public higher education, and the State of Connecticut as a whole.  Even if Governor Malloy vetoes this version of the budget, it becomes the starting point for further negotiations.

Therefore, all of the devastating provisions are still on the table unless we stand in solidarity and push back.


  1. This budget is UNFAIR to our students.
    1. Tuition inevitably will rise to keep universities functioning;
    2. Scholarship funds are cut by $15 million, Minority Advancement Program is eliminated, which hurts disadvantaged students the most.
  2. Cuts funding to the CSUs to the tune of $93 million over the next two years. Such cuts may lead to:
    1. increased class sizes, reduced course offerings, closed programs;
    2. developmental education eliminated;
    3. support services reduced.
  3. This budget will impact AAUP collective bargaining
    1. Under this budget, when CSU-AAUP negotiates our next contract with the BOR, the general assembly is required to review it or it will be rejected automatically.
    2. Lawmakers will have more control over our contract than we do, and COULD make changes like raising our teaching load, increasing course sizes, limiting academic freedom, even getting rid of tenure.


Come out to support a FAIR BUDGET that PROTECTS CSU faculty, staff and students. Tell the legislature that we give this current budget an F!

WHAT:           Press Conference and Action at the State Capitol  After the press conference, we will give report cards to legislators telling them this budget fails the CSU system, our students, and the state of Connecticut.

WHERE:         Legislative Office Building room 1A, 300 Capitol Avenue, Hartford CT 06106  Free parking available in the LOB Garage. Click here for directions.

WHEN:           11 a.m. WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 27, 2017

Please arrive 10:30 a.m. for an 11 a.m. start

Wear your red CSU-AAUP T-shirt!