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WHEREAS, The Connecticut State University (”University”) and the Connecticut State University American Association of University Professors (“CSU-AAUP”) are the parties to a Collective Bargaining Agreement; and

WHEREAS, the Collective Bargaining Agreement is scheduled to expire on August 25, 2016;and

WHEREAS, the parties have engaged in negotiations for a successor agreement; and

WHEREAS, Conn. Gen. Stat. §5-278a authorizes the parties to “negotiate the extension of the expired agreement or any provision thereof not otherwise extended by [operation of law]”; and

WHEREAS, the parties wish to extend their Collective Bargaining Agreement for a period of up to one (1) year to allow for the completion of negotiations; and

NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Conn. Gen. Stat. §5-278a, the parties hereby agree as follows:

  1. All provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the University and CSU-AAUP shall be extended at current levels for a period of one (1) year until August 25, 2017, or until such time as a successor agreement is ratified and approved by the Board of Regents and Legislature, whichever occurs
  2. Base salaries of bargaining unit members shall remain at current levels, defined to mean the members’ base salaries as of August 25, 2016.
  3. Special funds shall continue to be available at current  levels pursuant  to Article 10.
  4. Promotional increases shall remain available to bargaining unit members as provided in Articles 5.3 and 12.5.4.
  5. Pursuant to Conn. Gen. Stat. §5-278a, the parties expressly agree that “payroll deduction of employee organization regular dues, fees and assessments” shall continue in accordance with Article 20.

Signed July 19, 2016

Elena Tapia,  Chief Negotiator For CSU-AAUP

Steven Weinberger For CSCU Board of Regents