Effective July 1, 2011, the Board of Regents for Higher Education (BOR) became the governing body for Connecticut State University System (CSUS), the Community-Technical Colleges (CTC), and Charter Oak State College. The legislation required the former CSUS and CTC boards of trustees to remain in office from July 1, 2011, until December 31, 2011 in order to facilitate the transition of duties and responsibilities to the BOR.

The BOR consists of 15 voting members, nine appointed by the governor and four appointed by House and Senate leadership, and two student trustees (the co-chairs of the Student Advisory Committee). The BOR members and their biographies can be found on the BOR’s website. The Commissioners of Education, Economic and Community Development, Labor and Public Health also serve on the Board as non-voting, ex-officio members. Legislation in 2013 also requires the chair of the Faculty Advisory Committee to serve as an ex-officio member of the BOR. The legislation creating the BOR requires a Student Advisory Committee (SAC) — the Chair and Vice-Chair of the SAC serve as voting member of the BOR – and a Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC).

The new structure calls for a President of the BOR. Dr. Gary Gray was appointed as the second President of the BOR. The new structure of the BOR also calls for a Vice President for CTC and a Vice President for CSUS. Dr. David Levinson, who has been serving as the Interim Vice President for Community Colleges, as well as the President of Norwalk Community College, will continue to serve in both roles on a permanent basis. Dr. Elsa Núñez serves as the Vice President for CSUS as well as President of ECSU.


Watch the Higher Education Consolidation Committee Meeting (11/10/11) (Download software to watch video here)

Watch the Higher Education Consolidation Committee Meeting (9/14/11) (Download software to watch video here)

House Bills 6651 and 6652 contain the final language for the reorganization

Joint Substitute Language for SB 1011

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President Nair’s testimony at the Higher Education hearing on the reorganization (3/10/11)

Governor’s Bill (SB 1011) on Reorganization of Higher Education

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