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12/7/10: SEBAC Statement: Preparing for a New Governor—Finally Our Voice Can be Heard

Economic Crisis, Budget Crisis, Political Crisis – A memo from CSU-AAUP President Dave Walsh

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SEBAC & Governor Rell Joint Statement: Framework of an Agreement Reached

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SEBAC Press Release on Democratic Budget

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SEBAC Responds to Democrats’ “Job-Killing” Budget Scenarios

Coalition of State Workers Unions to Governor Rell: “The Wrong Time to Threaten Public Services and Connecticut’s Economy”

Report of February 28, 2009 Discussions with Rell Administration

Report of February 26, 2009 Discussions with Rell Administration

SEBAC Statement 2/23/09 – UCONN Report Reaffirms Link Between Public Sector Cuts and Private Sector Job Losses

SEBAC Statement 2/10/09 – Update on Negotiations

SEBAC Press Release on Rell’s Retirement Incentive Proposal

Posted February 2, 2009:

The State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC), which negotiates on behalf of Connecticut state employees primarily on the subjects of pension and health benefits, will be holding a forum entitled “The Economic Crisis and Connecticut’s Future” on Monday, February 9 from noon-1:30 at the Legislative Office Building, Room 1C. The forum will feature economist and New York Times columnist Robert H. Frank and Congressman Joe Courtney and will explore the questions of “How would public service cuts affect Connecticut’s economy?” and “How will the federal stimulus package affect our state?”.

We encourage all CSU-AAUP members to attend this important event.

SEBAC Statement 1/30/09 Poll Shows Public has No Appetite for Cuts in Services

SEBAC Statement 1/29/09update on negotiations with Governor Rell’s office

Posted December 1, 2008:  Leaders of the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) were invited by Governor Rell to hear a presentation about Connecticut’s economy on November 6. Don Klepper-Smith and Nick Perna, outside economists who serve on the Governor’s Economic Advisory Council, as well as Bob Genuario, her Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management, shared the administration’s view of the economy and its potential impact on Connecticut’s budget. There was no discussion about collective bargaining, wages, benefits, or early retirement.

On November 12, the Governor held a press conference to announce projected budget deficits of $2.6 billion in 2010 and $3.3 billion in 2011. SEBAC’s analysis of the current situation is clear; it must be understood not as budget problem for the state, but as a jobs, services, and quality of life problem for Connecticut’s people. Tough economic times are when the people of the state need public services the most.

The Governor’s recent Deficit Mitigation Plan included a proposal to use $14.5 million in savings set aside for future retirees’ health costs, which would require negotiations with SEBAC. SEBAC responded to her request, calling for a working partnership and discussions on the possible consequences of such a move.

On November 24, SEBAC leaders met with members of Connecticut’s Congressional delegation to begin creating a partnership between workers, elected officials at all levels, and the private sector to help working families weather the economic storm. We are now urging Governor Jodi Rell to seize the moment and engage with national leaders to tackle the growing economic crisis.

Statement urging Governor Rell to engage the incoming Obama Administration to solve crisis