HARTFORD, March 29, 2017 – Has your public library ever borrowed a book or video for you from another library because yours didn’t have it? What a great service!

Governor Malloy’s budget would end that service. Please read the message here from the CT Library Association and contact your legislators!

The borrowIT CT program needs your support!  Take Action NOW!

BorrowIT CT is a cooperative program among public libraries in Connecticut that allows a resident in the state who holds a valid library card to borrow materials from any of the 192 participating public libraries. Using their hometown cards, non-residents may borrow any of the materials that participating libraries lend to their local borrowers.

The Governor’s proposed budget for FY2018 – FY2019 ELIMINATES ALL FUNDING for borrowIT CT ($781,820 in cuts each year)

This program has been in existence since 1973 and has been a successful example of regionalization and resource sharing.

Last year throughout the state, 3,891,944 items were loaned – that is approximately $58.4 million dollars worth of materials. These materials are not just for pleasure reading – they are resources on education, employment, and difficult personal topics. In our state, that is almost 4 million opportunities for personal growth, self-directed education, and self-improvement. Our town, our state, and our country are much better places when our residents and citizens have access to vital resources on education, employment, and personal growth.

Please support our state libraries with full restoration of borrowIT CT funding and let’s keep Connecticut libraries in the business of sharing.

Use our online advocacy center to send a pre-drafted, editable letter to the Governor, your State Senator and Representative. Just enter your address and our system will direct your letter to your members inbox!

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The CLA Legislative Committee