CSU-AAUP’s Political Action Committee has made their endorsements of candidates in the 2016 election for the Connecticut General Assembly. Click HERE to see CSU-AAUP PAC’s  list of candidate endorsements.

If you’re not sure who your legislator is, please click here to find out. CSU-AAUP encourages all eligible AAUP members to vote on Nov. 8 in the general election. If you’re not sure where to vote, click here to find your polling place.

Through legislation affecting quality public higher education, the Connecticut General Assembly has a significant impact on the four Connecticut State Universities, their faculty, and students. As a result, the make-up of the Connecticut legislature is critically important to CSU.

This past summer, to determine which candidates to endorse, the CSU-AAUP Political Action Committee mailed questionnaires to all candidates for the Connecticut General Assembly. These questionnaires allowed the PAC to determine candidates’ views on public higher education, among other things. The candidate responses helped guide endorsements that the committee has made for this Nov. 8 election.