Faculty and staff from the four CSUs, state community colleges, Charter Oak State College, and the CSCU Board of Regents joined together recently at Manchester Community College for Hurdles on the Horizon: Governance & Student Success in the Connecticut State College & University System, a conference sponsored by the Faculty Advisory Committee to the CSCU Board of Regents for Higher Education. Keynote speaker was Dr. Henry Reichman, Chair of the AAUP Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure. Dr. Reichman spoke on the current hurdles facing academic freedom and shared governance. He said the most dangerous threat to academic freedom is apathy and he urged faculty and staff to take an active role in defending the freedoms that are key to every university and college. Interactive workshops were held throughout the day on topics ranging from students-centered learning to advising and teaching online and on campus to building shared governance. Dr. Gregory Gray, CSCU Board of Regents President, addressed attendees during the lunch break.


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